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The Battle Against Perfectionism

I started the Coach Angie Academy for women in leadership as part of my commitment to make the next generation of female leaders a little stronger, and a lot more confident. I hope this influence contributes to the collective effort both men and women share to make the world a better place for women to be successful in whatever they pursue.

I've networked with a lot of successful women who I know to be very detail-driven. If you asked any of my colleagues I'm sure they'd put me in this detail-oriented category, and they wouldn't be wrong about it. Truth is- this isn't an uncommon category for women to fall into. It happened to me, a lot of my friends, and we're doing well. I took another look around and wondered why some detail- driven women climbed the ranks, and other aspiring women weren't quite there yet. I landed on this idea....

Perfectionism is often a real topic with detail-driven employees. I've personally focused on executing details for the sake of success and I've learned, you need to step in on yourself when it becomes "success in excess". This at its core is perfectionism, folks, and perfectionism can be disabling to anyone who pursues such an impossible target.

To combat this, I've adopted a Good, Better, Best approach to whatever I'm working on- even with personal development. This keeps me sane.

After all, when you spend a lot of time working in the weeds it's easy to spot imperfections in your work- and yourself. So for all those perfectionists out there- it's important to settle for good. Schedule time to make it better, and after that, rollout version 3.0 and show off your best work, and your best self. I've found the time and resources it often takes to roll-out version 3.0, without it preceding versions 1.0 and 2.0 often may keep the project from getting launched at all.

And if all this convincing hasn't yet persuaded you, I'll remind you today- your good efforts may just be many's best.

As this relates somewhat to confidence- I don't always love it, but to prevent myself from getting in the way of my own success I've learned to totally rock Angie 1.0, or whatever version I'm building. I'll have plenty of time to release the next version later, and so will you.

So call me for coffee- we'll get together and have a good laugh about each other's "previous releases" in both business and personal developments, but together we'll also focus on some pretty cool new features coming soon : )

For more information about Coach Angie Academy, and developing the badass in your business go to or click on the icon below!

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